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Welcome to Standerton Information Site

We are proud to Give a new site to the Standerton community for the best and easiest viewing pleasure this site has to offer. We have tons of information that's just waiting to be discovered here on Standerton Information Site.

We have:

A Business Index

Looking for something? Our extensive Business Index gives you the freedom to look at all the ads available and gives you the option to select from the category list if you are looking for something specific.

Specials Advertising

Are you a curious buyer? We give our clients the option to advertise their specials while they are advertising with us. This makes it easy for you to view everything that's new, hot and on special in town.

Town Events Advertising

Want something to do over the week or weekend? Town events is what keep the people entertained and makes for great time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. Standerton Information Site wants to keep the community up to date with the latest events in town. View our Online calendar and see what's happening in town.

Town Weather

Are you planning an event in Standerton? Are you coming for a visit and want to plan you week/weekend ahead? Make use of our online weather utility and be prepared for any circumstance the weather has in store for your plans.

Town MAP

Are you lost? Need directions? Here we have a MAP of Standerton if you need to know where to go. Standerton Information Site has the map for you.

Advetising Options

Have a look at the different ways you can advertise on this site. For more products other than our online advertising you can visit the R&F Web Banners Website.

Sponsored Ads for Charity Organisations, Churches and Schools

Your church, charity or school can advertise on Standerton Information Site FOR FREE!!! That’s right, FOR FREE!!! We do this because we see it as a public duty towards the community of the town.

We strive to give our viewers and clients the best viewing and service experience we can. CONTACT US if you have a business that can benefit from this site. If you’re a viewer with a nice idea, be part of the change and CONTACT US.